Monday, June 1, 2009

6/01/2009: Time for a Break

“Wow I did a good job,” said Dr. Nahabedian.
“Your work doesn’t even come close to your modesty,” I reboked sarcastically.

Both Dr. Nahabedian and I broke into laughter. He began gently moving his fingers around the edges of my left breast. He was surprised by how quickly the scar was healing from the DIEP procedure and that my skin and tissue had softened considerably from the six weeks of radiation I endured last fall.

“So when are we outfitting you with some nipples?” asked my doctor.
“I need a break. I have had so much done to me and I would really like to just enjoy my summer,” I replied.
He responded with a sympathetic nod and wet eyes as he sensed the exhaustion in my response.

I proceeded to show him what had happened now that the tissue and breast has dropped into place. The new tear drop shape is completely symmetrical with the right side, although it left a bit of a dent across the top where it initially sat. My right side is definitely more round and full on top. I explained that the issue is resolved when I wear a bra and everything is pushed into place, but I want it to look better. He suggested fat grafting, but said we should wait three months to see if I drop anymore. We didn’t speak anymore about it since he could tell I was over the topic of an additional procedure for now.

He finished the appointment by taking photos of his “good job” and telling me that I could resume my normal workouts and exercises. I was ecstatic and pleased that he and I seemed to be on the same page about the break I needed so badly.