Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pink Rocks the Runway

Being asked to participate in Pink Rocks the Runway has been one of the most fulfilling and fun events of my remission. Pink Jams! is an amazing organization that is local to Washington, D.C. and was started by the amazing Christa Floresca in honor and remembrance of her friend Jen.

I, along with 13 other survivors under the age of 40, had dresses designed by local designers. I was paired with the brilliant Ginger Carlin of Booshie Designs. There could not have been a more perfect pairing. Ginger and I were truly two peas in a pod. Her vision and creativity are awe inspiring and I would love to get to work with her again.

The evening of the event was emotional, but celebratory. Walking the catwalk and hearing the crowd roar and my friends and family cheer me on made the night so special. I felt like this was my moment. I did it. It took every ounce of me not to cry at each intimate moment I had with friends, family and even strangers.

Walking along side me were two of my girlfriends and sisters in survival, Jami (pictured center) and Liz (pictured right). Afterward, I found Matt and my family in the audience. People I didn’t know were coming up and hugging me and asking to have their photos taken with me. One woman even asked for my autograph. I was incredibly humbled by the love and togetherness felt from the event.

Christian Siriano, in all his fierceness, headlined the show and did not disappoint. I want all of his clothes. Behind-the-scenes Christian is very hands-on from the hair and makeup of his models to the actual clothing and lineup. He is quite a visionary.

That night $30,000 was raised and donated to Capital Breast Care Center in D.C. helping women get mammograms who otherwise would not be able to afford the imaging. I have always said that if my story can impact or help one other person then it is a story worthy of being shared. That feeling and drive is even stronger now. I hope to be invited back for other Pink Jams! events and perhaps down the road become a volunteer and continue to grow Christa’s vision and outreach.