Monday, July 6, 2009

7/6/2009: Nothing Short of Butterflies

I know I haven’t written in awhile and I am sorry for that. Several people e-mailed me concerned that something bad had happened. It didn’t – actually just the opposite!

The last eighteen months have been challenging to say the least and I continued to try to advance professionally and academically while fighting for my life. Although I was challenged in my position at Gannett the passion was missing. However, you have to remember that the week I started at Gannett I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The relationships I made there were so vital to my positive attitude and survival. When I needed to vent or cry my co-workers were there to take a walk or console me in the bathroom. That is what made it so hard to leave. In addition, I had spent 18 months emersed in the development of the video product and strategy for the company and wanted to see it through implementation.

My passion has always been in media content development and strategy. I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason and that when one door closes a window opens. As soon as I read the job description sent to me for the Web Content Developer position at Perfect Sense Digital in Reston Town Center my heart started racing. I have told my friends and family that it feels like I am finally home. I love what I am doing, the fast pace, the people (most I worked with at AOL), and the location. I am so incredibly happy!

Around the same time I was contacted by AOL Shopping about coming back as a freelancer and blogging for their website. I write about anything I want, like brands, products, tips and tricks, trends, dating, advice – there is no limit. I have already had four of my features run on which is pretty exciting. I find that having this creative outlet has made me feel more fulfilled.

I know this may seem aggressive, but life is too short. These days I refuse to settle for anything less in my life than butterflies and my heart pumping fast.